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 It's no secret that not everyone likes being photographed and that you can start to feel overwhelmed on a day when all eyes are on you. For that reason, my team and I are a fun and encouraging presence to help keep things light & keep the connection with your loved ones at the center of wedding day.

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On stage I found exhilaration in bringing stories of human experience to life for an audience. On wedding days I find the act of preserving a story as it unfolds in front of me just as exhilarating. Although my medium of expression has changed, story-telling is still at the root of what I do and it is still the thing that brings me the most joy and sense of purpose. My dance background combined with my empathetic nature allows me to effortlessly anticipate movement and moments of genuine connection throughout wedding day.

As the daughter of two musicians, art was celebrated daily in our home. I followed my passion for the arts to Shenandoah Conservatory where I graduated with a B.F.A. in Dance Performance. I originally took up photography in college to document the dance pieces I created, but once I picked up the camera, I knew it would be part of my life somehow. It is rare that someone finds even one passion in their lifetime and I feel so fortunate to have known two. 


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We approach our work from a place of authenticity. We want to create images that will recall how you felt in the exact moment we capture them. From the deeply personal exchanges to the day's most revelrous moments, we're there to catch it all! 

Moments of intimacy can be found no matter the size of your celebration! A photographers' job isn't just to take photos, but to pay attention. We are constantly tuned in to the nuances of your interactions with your partner that help us capture the dynamics that are unique to you and your relationship.

My dance background combined with my empathetic nature allows me to effortlessly anticipate movement and moments of genuine connection throughout wedding day. It also allows me to give you simple direction to guide you into natural looking moments that will yield the timeless & intimate photos you're looking for!


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Lizzie began her career in the wedding industry in 2014. While working as an assistant & second shooter to some of Atlanta's top photographers, she learned the ins and outs of the business all while honing her craft. Lizzie branched out to start her own business in 2017 and has been serving clients both locally and internationally since then.

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- Elizabeth & lawson

Like many couples, our 2020 wedding plans were derailed several times - Lizzie stuck with us through it all. She offered support and guidance throughout the planning process. She meshed seamlessly with our very intimate guest list and made everyone comfortable.

"I can't stop singing Lizzie's praises."

- Audrey & cole

It was the entire experience that set Lizzie apart. She made it so easy to take our photos because she has a way of making you feel immediately comfortable. 

"Our photos felt like us."



- Alice & Daniel -

Lizzie brought a calm, positive presence that permeated every
moment of our day.