My first love was dance.
 I always thought that my calling was performance. I found exhilaration in bringing stories of the common human experience to life for an audience, so it is no wonder that helping tell the love stories of dozens of couples through imagery brings me the same joy and sense of purpose. 

 It is a privilege to serve each of my clients and and it is not a responsibility that I accept lightly. Your legacy is in good hands.!

M E E T   L I Z Z I E

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S T O R Y T E L L E R   &   P R O F E S S I O N A L 
 H Y P E   W O M A N

I   C A N ' T   W A I T   T O   T E L L   Y O U R   S T O R Y

Emma & Daniel

We felt so at ease on our wedding day because Lizzie not only takes amazing photos,
but is also so organized that I swear all we had to do what show up and get married. She kept us not only on schedule, but
AHEAD of schedule. Who does that?! 

Lizzie, thank you for being such a joy to work with and delivering perfect photos from our perfect day!

"She captured every single moment of our wedding day so beautifully".


Natalie & Jake

She is timely, fun, supportive, and most importantly, knew what she was doing.

I felt like she was my personal hype girl- which every bride needs on her wedding day! Not only did my husband and I love her, but our
family and friends did as well. Her work is beautiful!!

"Lizzie Baker was the best decision we made for our wedding day"!

Allie & Greg

We're not usually comfortable in front of a camera, but Lizzie immediately put us at ease. Every single guest and vendor that came in contact with Lizzie had nothing but rave reviews. She just has an incredible way of capturing the love at a wedding. She went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. Lizzie’s pictures are absolutely stunning. She was professional, charismatic, and captured every special moment from our big day.
We are so thankful to Lizzie and her team!

"Words can not begin to describe how lucky we were to have Lizzie
capture our wedding day"

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