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Lizzie Baker Photo is focused on giving each couple a tailored and attentive client experience. To ensure that each couple always feels like a priority, LBP only commission a maximum of 15 weddings per year. On wedding day, the team is a fun and encouraging presence to keep you and your spouse - to - be feeling comfortable on a day when all eyes will be on you. 

 Leading up to wedding day, Lizzie will work closely with your wedding planner to curate a photo-friendly timeline so that we aren't rushed and have time to take all the photos you want. I strive to maintain the flow of your timeline throughout the day. Planners LOVE working with me for this reason!

We are going to be so prepared for this day that all your have to do is show up and be present in the moment!

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To begin your experience, you simply need to reach out and start a conversation with me! I'll follow up with a detailed email about what it's like working with me and we will set up a phone call so I can put together your custom proposal. 

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The booking process happens in two stages. First, you'll review a contract that will detail things like your payment schedule, delivery times and more. After signing your contract, you'll receive an online invoice where you can pay your deposit and all other remaining payments. 

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Your engagement session is a really important part of the process. Not only do you walk away from our session with amazing photos, but it also gives us an opportunity to meet each other! It will give you a glimpse into what wedding day will be like!

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Planning is the best way to make sure that we are set up for a stress free wedding day. I'll work closely with your wedding planner to craft a photo-friendly timeline that will set us up for success on wedding day. I would also like to be invited to any wedding related site visits so I can really understand the plan for the day!

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