“I Do” What I Do – VOL 3 – Savanna Pena – Makeup Artist

I had the fortune of meeting Savanna when we were both working on a styled shoot in Atlanta a few months ago. You’ll see a few behind the scenes shots from that above! She was fun, relaxed and really knows her stuff! You wouldn’t believe the gorgeous look she put on our stunning model. Savanna is relatively new to the Atlanta area. She came to us from Miami, so make sure you show here some ATL love and give her a follow on Instagram. _savannamakeup @_savannamakeupbridal

Lizzie : How did you find your way to being a makeup artist?

Savanna : Funny enough, I wasn’t that little girl who played with her mom’s makeup and adored playing dress up. That phase started a little late for me. I would find myself watching countless hours of makeup tutorials on YouTube on Instagram. The techniques, the products, the transformation – it intrigued me so much. I would buy products here and there and test different techniques on myself. Then I started to dabble in modeling, and when photographers noticed I would do my own makeup, they would ask me to glam up their models. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was the beginning of a passionate career path.

L:  What is your favorite part about your job?

S: How do I choose! There are so many aspects it’s almost impossible to choose one part. I will say though, creating connections and friendships with clients has to top it all. I have met such fabulous people that I now call friends. Providing a relaxed, fun, and enjoyable experience for my client is one thing, but it’s even better when they leave my chair with the feeling of having a new friend. 

L:   How do you decide what kinds of makeup to bring into your kit?

S: My makeup kit includes a full range of products – you simply never know what look you may be asked to do! You also never know what kind of complexion or skin type someone has. It’s imperative to be prepared for all possibilities. This does make the makeup selection process overwhelming, but lots of research and trial and error help me decide what passes the test to be in my kit. 

L:    What is currently your favorite wedding makeup trend?

S: I’m a sucker for a bronzed and glowing look! It’s fresh, timeless, and compliments almost any bride. 

L:    What should brides keep in mind when they are in the market for a makeup artist?

S: Scheduling makeup trials are extremely important. Not only do they allow you to see how an artists’s work looks on you, but it lets you meet your potential makeup artist and see if you click in person. You want to make sure you are compatible with your makeup artist. They will be the person to make you feel like the best version of yourself on your big day, and quite honestly, will probably also be your therapist during the getting ready process! If you start to feel overwhelmed, the makeup chair should be your 1-2 hours of calm, cool and collected. 

L:    What steps can brides take to make sure their skin is the perfect canvas for wedding day?

S: Everyone has different skin types and conditions of course, but to answer generally:

Sticking to a solid skin care routine that works for you is essential! This generally includes cleansing, exfoliating, gentle serums like vitamin c and hyaluronic acid, using a hydrating moisturizer, and applying sunscreen during the day. 

Most brides would assume getting a facial right before the big day is the thing to do – however, if you don’t get facials regularly, try to steer clear of any new treatments your skin isn’t familiar with. 

One last tip would be to shave – yes, shave! Try it a few times a few months before the big day, but using a dermaplaning razor removes dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and gives the perfect canvas for flawless makeup. 

L: Can you tell us a few of your favorite products in your kit?

S: For my brides, my go to foundation is Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation. It’s light weight, luxurious, and looks/feels like a second layer of skin. 

For my brides who like a bit of sparkle on their eyes, I love Stila’s liquid eyeshadows. They’re quick to apply and stay put through just about everything. My favorite shades are Shimmer & Glow – Kitten and Jezebel, and Glitter & Glow – Rose Gold Retro.

L:  What is the next step for you? How do you intend to keep growing?

S: These are actually questions I have been asking myself for some time now. Throughout my makeup journey I have worked in many different industries – all of which I love. I take pride in being versatile and being able to tackle all types of jobs thrown my way. However, I found myself yearning to be immersed in a niche that felt like home – the bridal industry did just that. My number one goal for growth is to never stop learning. Continuing to learn is vital to improve and grow. 

L:    If people want to contact you for more information about your services, how do they do that?

S: For service inquires, the best way to contact me is by email (bridal@savannamakeup.com) or through my contact form on my website (www.savannamakeup.com/contact). I also have two Instagram pages with makeup looks, tutorials, and more!

Main IG: @_savannamakeup 

Bridal IG: @_savannamakeupbridal

April 24, 2020